Ron Greenbaum, The Basement Doctor®, understands that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing a contractor for your home. But with over 30 years of experience in the waterproofing and foundation repair industry, Greenbaum has built a company based on integrity, innovation, and responsibility.


The Basement Doctor® strives to continually raise the bar when it comes to developing new ideas, products, and solutions to benefit homeowners. Here is a list of unique products and services that set them apart from other companies in the industry:


The Basement Doctor’s waterproofing system will not clog like perforated pipe used in typical applications. It comes with a lifetime transferable warranty, allows the basement floor to be restored to its original thickness and will not compromise basement walls like other options do. They also carry the most reliable sump pump on the market that includes a back-up system in the event of a failure. This system can be upgraded to include a battery back-up and flood alarm system. All of this means homeowners are notified immediately when there is a water issue.


Crawl Space Encapsulation is the perfect solution for any homeowner living with damp, musty odors or pests in their crawlspace. The Basement Doctor’s method includes a heavy-duty vapor barrier that far exceeds any thin plastic sheeting found in retail stores. This vapor barrier, combined with their closed cell spray foam insulation and Radiant Armor insulation, improves the energy efficiency of your home. Add in their professional dehumidifier and you are cleaning the air that is circulated through the home while maintaining proper humidity.


Most foundation repair contractors install I-Beams to support bowed or cracking basement walls. The stabilizer offered by The Basement Doctor®, called The Force, is a patented repair method not offered by other companies. It is a permanent solution capable of moving unstable or damaged walls back to a secure position. Imagine the advantages The Force provides, compared to the typical wall support, when it is applying 1000lbs of continuous pressure against the unstable wall due to its’ unique spring-coil design.


Many companies will use bleach to treat mold and mildew. Since it is water-based, bleach will actually help mold spread and grow. The Basement Doctor® uses a patented mold fighting inhibitor that will destroy mold, mildew and bacteria in one application. To compliment this inhibitor, and prevent mold from even occurring, The Basement Doctor® installs professional high capacity dehumidifiers that improve indoor air quality, control humidity, and increase energy efficiency. But The Basement Doctor doesn’t stop there, they work to find the source of the problem and correct it as well.


Celebrating its thirtieth year of business in 2017, Greenbaum has grown The Basement Doctor® into a trusted and well-respected brand. He has implemented an honest, no-pressure sales approach. The Basement Doctor® offers a free assessment of your home by expert project managers, along with written repair estimates. The company also stands behind its warranties, and ensures that installation crews undergo extensive training and certifications before performing work. Their Annual Maintenance Service program was established to make sure their products are always running at peak performance. This business philosophy has led to a strong sense of loyalty from Basement Doctor customers, and to numerous awards for the organization.


Greenbaum and The Basement Doctor® have made a huge effort to get behind a number of causes and organizations. As a home improvement contractor, Greenbaum says it is important to help better the community in which his customers live. Through the years, The Basement Doctor® has supported many animal rescue organizations. They also donate annually to Cancer Support Community, and collect items for the United Way and Food Banks. The Basement Doctor® participates on multiple levels for these organizations, from donations and staffing for their events, to lending marketing assistance and promotion. “We really try to think outside of the box when it comes to offering help to these organizations, and sometimes that means doing more than writing a check,” Greenbaum said.

Ron Greenbaum & Betsy Bankhurst | The Basement Doctor


Ron Greenbaum, the CEO, has helped build and grow the hugely successful brand, The Basement Doctor®, over 30 years being recognized as an expert in the basement waterproofing and foundation repair industry.
Ron established a long-standing reputation for honest, responsible and quality service. Prior to becoming The Basement Doctor®, Ron was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for retailer Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff and co-owner of a local rock ‘n’ roll production company. He then worked in basement waterproofing for five years before becoming an owner of The Basement Doctor®. He served on the ethics committee for the National Association of Waterproofing Contractors for two terms. Then in 1999, Ron introduced the national trademark, “The Basement Doctor®.”
Ron continues to be the face of his company’s brand in major advertising campaigns and often consults for national trade publications. But it is perhaps his philanthropic contributions to organizations like Special Olympics, Honor Flight, and Habitat for Humanity, and to important causes such as animal rescue, that stand out the most.

Betsy Bankhurst, the Executive Vice President, started at The Basement Doctor in high school computerizing and filing jobs and continued during college as a marketing assistant.
After Betsy graduated college, she had various marketing positions at other companies, including advertising and media client services for national brands and project management at L. Brands. In 2016, she returned to and became immersed in the product and service offerings, as well as daily operations. In her current role, she works on the company strategy, procedure implementation, performance management and leadership, and business development. Betsy will ensure the franchisees have the onboarding and foundation needed to achieve their goals. To further her knowledge of franchising, Betsy is a member of the Women’s Franchise Network.
Betsy is also passionate about giving back to the community. She serves on the Junior Advisory Board of LifeTown, which is a facility where children with special needs go to learn life skills. She also rides in Pelotonia, a bike ride that raises funds for research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.